5 ideas for Team Building activities for your corporate event

Organizing a corporate event to improve team cohesion can be a challenge for any company. It not only involves gathering in one place but also creating an experience that helps bring the team together. This is where team building activities come into play.

What is Team Building?

Team building is a practice that aims to foster relationships and collaboration among team members through activities. Through problem-solving challenges or skill games, team building promotes a culture of teamwork, communication, and group cohesion.

Team building activities not only offer you an opportunity to enjoy time together, but also provide a series of benefits for the team. Likewise, these activities help improve communication, trust, and motivation among team members. Furthermore, they foster creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration, key elements for having a united and happy team in any corporate environment.

Now that you know the importance of organizing a team building event, we want to give you five ideas for activities for your next corporate event:

1. Wine Tasting With Pairing

Nothing better than a wine tasting to bring team members together. At Dosterras Wine Garden, you can enjoy a wine tasting with pairing led by our sommelier and discover the unique flavors and characteristics of the wines we produce at Dosterras cellar. It’s a great activity to learn together about the world of wine and enjoy local gastronomy.


An ideal way to relax and connect with nature and your team members is by hiking in the Priorat, where we have all kinds of routes for all levels. With this activity, you will not only promote health and well-being, but also strengthen trust, solidarity, and leadership.


At Dosterras Wine Garden, we have the perfect spaces to carry out a wide variety of outdoor team building games and activities. You can do orientation challenges or skill tests that will help you foster communication, problem-solving, and competitive spirit in a fun and relaxed way.


Dedicating part of the event to a mindfulness session at Dosterras Wine Garden is another great idea. Practicing activities such as mindfulness or yoga promotes relaxation, concentration, and emotional well-being, as well as creating a space for reflection and connection with yourself and the rest of the team.


Painting is another very relaxing activity that will help you disconnect from day-to-day life. You can unleash your creativity surrounded by the impressive landscape that surrounds our wine garden. Plus, you can take your artwork home as a souvenir of this special day.

At Dosterras Wine Garden, we offer you the perfect setting to carry out a wide variety of team building activities and make your corporate event a success. Organizing a team building event is more than just organizing a simple team meeting. It’s about creating bonds, fostering collaboration, and inspiring personal and professional growth.

If you want to organize a perfect day with your work team in a privileged place, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you make your event a success.